Exterior Services

Lynn’s Custom Care Cleaning also offers Window & Power Washing. We only use top of the line equipment and products to ensure that the job is done right with a quality finish.

Window Washing

First, we scrap any debris free from the window such as bird droppings, spider eggs or water stains while wet. It’s then finished off with a clean hard edge squeegee finish with a formula that is guaranteed to leave a long lasting shine on your windows for months to come.

After we free any tracks of any dirt or grime to ensure that the window stays in the best possible working condition throughout life of the window.

Lastly, we hand wash your screens with a formula that not only leaves your screens free of any dirt or cob-webs but also a fresh smell so on those cool summer nights it’s a bit more pleasant to have the windows open.

Power Washing

Lynn’s Cleans anything from Siding to Concreate Patios and much more. After putting down an environmental friendly concentrated formula to help lift the stain we then use a pressure washer at just the correct pressure we can free anything from stains, dirt and grime. The formula helps insure that we lift the stain as the important part here is not to use much pressure so that we prevent any damage done during the cleaning process.